Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby, It's Hot Outside!

It's 95 degrees and I'm sitting in the sun watching swim team practice.

How long do you suppose a person could do this without nearly dying of heat stroke? Twenty minutes? Thirty minutes? One hour? Two hours?

If you guessed two hours, you are almost right. I melt at about two hours and ten minutes. Luckily, I'm only here for about two hours and nine minutes!

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Fun Droid App

Since I have so much time to waste, err use, I'm playing with some phone apps. I like FxCamera. It has a few different filters like toy, poloroid, Warhol, symmetrical and fish eye. It's fun to experiment with!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25 Things We're Doing This Summer

Whoa doggie! it's been about two months since my last post! I wish I can say that I've been up to some amazing things, but, I haven't. It's been life as usual. And, if I'm completely honest, I feel back into the Facebook games black whole that tends to suck me in.

Summer is just around the corner. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what will occupy our time for a few months while school is out. Here's my partial list.

1. Swim team M-F 8:30-10:30AM.
2. Swim team meets M and Th afternoons/evenings.
3. Swim at our neighborhood pool.
4. Swim at the Dam beach.
5. Go to Blowfish games.
6. Do the Summer Reading Program at the library.
7. Go to Wednesday afternoon shows at library.
8. See several matinees.
9. Go to the ocean for day trips at least three times.
10. Go to the Charleston water park at least once.
11. VBS!
12. Fly to MN for a week.
13. Catch up on math concepts for Charlie.
14. Teach Ryan cursive.
15. Go to Shealy's for lunch at least twice.
16. Help Charlie start his own blog.
17. Make and keep a cleaning schedule.
18. Do a literature study together.
19. Go to Saluda Splash Pad.
20. Listen to loud music.
21. Water color paint.
22. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon.
23. Camp at the ocean.
24. Conduct lots of science experiments.
25. Go to the Peach Fesitval.

That list should keep us pretty darn busy this summer. Crazy thing is, it'll go by so quickly!

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