Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Pinterest: Rocks as Angry Birds

We were a little late jumping on the Angry Birds bandwagon, but now we can't get enough of it! I saw this post, went to Brassy Apple and got inspired to help the boys create a set of Angry Birds of their own.

The boys collected rocks to match the sizes and shapes of birds and pigs.

We have so much acrylic paint that we didn't even need to head to the store for any specific colors! We all painted the rocks and let them dry. The hard part was waiting for the paint to dry! After the paint dried I sent the boys out to play and used a Sharpie to draw the features then used a toothpick to paint on the details. The Angry Birds' home is a lovely egg carton.

Do you notice the pollen? We can't escape from it! 

After a few days of waiting patiently, the boys set up some old building blocks in the garage and put the pigs in their places. 

After the knockdown with the slingshot, Ryan sets it up again. They boys had such a fun time with this one! 

Can't wait to see what you've done this week for Project Pinterest!


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  1. This looks like so much fun! It looks like your boys are having a really fun time playing Angry Birds!

  2. My kids would love to have their own angry birds...but I'm not sure how nice they would play with rocks!

  3. I'm going to let my boys make the angry bird characters out of rocks! What a great project/idea! Maybe we'll wait for Spring Break, this looks like so much fun. What a great idea!!! (Nice art work BTW!)

  4. They are so cute! It looks just like angry birds. :) I bet your boys are having a blast with them.

    Thank you for following my blog!

  5. Oh my goodness -- this is great!! I think I might have to let my children do this in the coming weeks! Thanks for a great idea!

  6. Oh man, I completely missed this last week. I MUST do this with my kids!


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