Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Less Than Stellar Week

Here is a rundown of our week. All I can say is that I am thanking God we’re all alive and relatively well!


My van had a bad tire. Kurt and I took the van into the tire shop and left to run some errands in his car. Later that day we stopped at McDonald’s so he could get a Frappe and the air suddenly died. A few minutes later when we were at the window the employee said, “Uhhhhh, I think you’re overheating.” Sure enough,  there was smoke coming from the hood. We pulled over in the parking lot, called someone to pick up our kids from school and to come pick us up and take us to the tire shop to get the van.


No issues…actually we had some great times while Kurt was on vacation.


Both Kurt and I got a stomach virus and he actually had to miss two days of work. We were both completely out of commission. Stomach viruses are not fun at all.


The guidance counselors and I had been planning an assembly for the whole elementary school. A PAALS dog and I were the surprise guest speakers. I had put a lot of work into this presentation and now had a PAALS dog for it. I was still sick and didn’t feel comfortable speaking in front of 700 people with a stomach virus.  Another PAALS volunteer did the presentation. I was heartbroken that I couldn’t do it.


Both K and I are feeling much better. He opens so he left early AM. A neighbor drove the boys to school. Kurt calls around 6PM and tells me the tire in the van just blew out and he can’t find a safe place to pull over on the interstate (where he’s at is nicknamed “malfunction junction”). I didn’t know what to do other than start to pray. I called my mom while Kurt was calling a tow truck. I don’t have a vehicle to come and get him because his car is in the shop (since Friday). After I secured a ride for him, I kept trying to call him and he wasn’t answering. I kept thinking the worst. But, God was answering my prayers right then and there. A state trooper came along and led Kurt and the van to safety. Not but a minute or so more a random stranger pulled up and got out his industrial size jack and told Kurt that he’d help because this happened to him last week. It took just a few minutes and they were all off safely.

Sometimes I just wonder why crappy things keep happening to us. But, with every crappy thing that happened, something good happened too. I learned that friends rock and it’s so nice to have people to count on. I can’t tell you how many people helped us during this annoying week. I have learned that it’s wonderful to be able to count on people to help out in a bind. Thank you to all of those people who allowed me to keep my sanity this week!

I am hoping that this next week will be very uneventful.



  1. Yikes! Sorry you had such a terrible week, but glad you are (hopefully?) on the road back to normal. It's nice when good things come out of this kind of stuff though, like the stranger helping you. Restores faith in humanity :)

  2. Oh my! I'm going to throw some good thoughts your way, because you definitely deserve it.


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