Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nine Things I Hate About Football Games {and Three Things I Love}


A little background info about me might help you read these nine things about the football game last night with a little more clarity.


*I am about as introverted as a person can get, meaning I totally draw my strength and energy from being by myself.

*I am a little on the sensitive side when it comes to any type of stimulation (auditory, visual, touch). Okay, I on the “very” sensitive side.

*I realize I am partly to mostly crazy!


The Nine Things I Hate About Football

1. Being nudged repeatedly on your sides, back and knees because everyone is squished in like sardines in the bleachers is not very amusing to me. Actually, I find it quite aggravating, to the point of putting my annoyed face on and shooting someone the evil eye.

2. It’s funny how everyone around me thought they were a ref. It’s also funny how everyone around me disagreed with the reffing if it was not in our favor.

3. Don’t get me wrong, I like cowbell and all, but how much cowbell can a person stand before their brain explodes? Well, feather-lady took it upon herself to grab a cowbell and walk back and forth on the bleachers for what seemed like 1.5 hours and it made me want a lot less cowbell.

4. Music and I are tight. I dig all kinds of music…but how appropriate is a song at a school function that talks about rubbing genitals together? The song was played more than once too! Black Eyed Peas, you just ain’t coo’ no mo’.

5. Booers. What’s with the booers? Why must we boo the other team and the refs. I just don’t get it.

6. I don’t consider myself to have clinical claustrophobia, but I do not like to be surrounded by anything (ok, maybe chocolate covered peanut butter, but that’s it). Winking smile Being surrounded 360degrees by people is out of my comfort zone. Did I handle it like a champ? Yes. Did I enjoy that component? No.

7. There’s one in every group. Mr. Loud and Obnoxious. Last night he would shout at the top of his beast-like lungs, “GO DEFENSE!” The poor lady sitting next to him had her ears plugged and she was still visibly very uncomfortable about sitting next to this dude.

8. Cheerleaders are no longer good enough to get the crown going. Other people (like the photographers, coaches, players, fans, the milk man, your hair dresser, etc.) all feel the nagging need to stand up, turn around, wave their hands around and tell everyone to get up and cheer.

9. People act like they’re just going to fall out and DIE if their team makes a mistake. It’s nuts. Come on people, it’s JUST football!


The Three Things I Love About Football

1. I LOVE watching the actual football game. I love the intensity of it. The actual game is worth going to despite all the faults I find with the rest of the game atmosphere.

2. The band! Goooooooo band! Yes, I am a band nerd at heart. I played the tenor saxophone from 4th grade until college. I was in marching band, pep band, concert band, jazz band, rock band and just loved band, so seeing and hearing the band makes me smile!

3. My boys really do like to watch football too. Even though they are part of the nudgers group, I’m happy to have them nudge me if they’re having such a great time with their friends and family.

This shot is from last year. I forgot to take my camera to the game last night. That’s ok that I forgot, because there would’ve been no room for it to sit anyway!



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