Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lesson Learned – Old Milk in a Van = Fowl Smell

A few days ago the boys and I went to Food Lion to pick up some groceries. Part of our expedition included finding lactose-free milk for Charlie at a decent price. We did find some at Food Lion. As usual we packed the groceries in the back of the van.

While unloading the groceries, we noticed that the lactose-free milk mysteriously gained a gaping whole on its side. The milk was seeping out of the carton into the plastic bag. I took the bag and milk out and put them on the driveway and sprayed down the driveway. I didn’t give another thought to any milk splatterings in the van.

Fast forward one day. Upon opening the van doors I was almost knocked down by the pungent, crinkle-up-your-nose stench. The boys and I cleaned the van out hoping to find the source of the foul odor. We thought it might be the beach chairs (sometimes sand/salt water from the ocean can really reek), a dead mouse (because we have experienced that before) or maybe it was from Ryan’s wet towel he forgot to bring inside. The milk from the day before didn’t even cross our minds.

It took a friend bravely taking a sniff to figure out that we had in fact not done a good job cleaning up the spilled milk.

Lesson Learned – Spilled milk + 95 degree heat = disgusting smell that is impossible not easy to get out of upholstery. I’ve used an unhealthy combination of carpet cleaners/deodorizers and had the doors open airing the darn thing out for two days now. Hopefully I will not have to update this in a  week saying it still smells in the van!



  1. Uggh I can only imagine how yucky that smells. I've heard kitty litter works for bad smells, leave it in a few days then sweep/vac it out of the car? did you try Febreeze? I love that stuff.

  2. Several days later I still catch a wiff of it. Yuck! I did use Febreeze and about any other chemical I could think of to make it go away. Thanks for the kitty litter tip. Makes sense!


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