Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still Computerless...

But doing OK with it. I'm on the library's computer right now trying to work on my PAALS volunteer stuff. Makes it pretty hard when you've lost everything on your computer and have to start from scratch!

Totally, 100% my fault though.

Two years and two months ago our computer crashed and the hard drive died as well. I was left with no documents or pictures then. As we all know, stupidity is making the same mistake twice. When I got the laptop two years ago, it was my honest intent to be more diligent about backing up my data. I didn't do that. Now I'm stuck starting from scratch again with no one to blame but myself. I will not make that same mistake for a third time!

Because I have no computer, my house is cleaner, the laundry is getting done, the floors are being mopped, the kids are being talked to more, I've taken time to enjoy reading again (books, not blogs), etc.

I did go out yesterday with a friend to take photos. Now I just need to be patient and wait it out for my computer to be done so I can start afresh!


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  1. So sorry. I recently had to start fresh on another computer, but thankfully hubby has all the pictures {for the most part} backed up on his computer.


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