Friday, August 26, 2011

First Week of Homeschool–Check!

Our first full week of school is complete! We’ve had eight days and I’m happy to report that I would consider all eight days successful. Did we have a few minor meltdowns and missteps? Yes, we most certainly did but I expected that, so that’s ok.
Many of my reasons for homeschooling Charlie were brought to light this week and so far I’m pleased with the decision.
We did lots of fun and educational things in addition to our more traditional schooling. In this picture Charlie made a mummified apple and is looking at his results. He had to wait one week before taking the apple out of the special mixture. A lesson in patience was most certainly learned!

Any guesses what this is?
By the way, I forgot to use any photography skills in these shots.
Auto was on and auto was what I used. Can you tell by the big flash spots?

Charlie’s checking it out from every angle.

Now he’s eating it! What is it?
Please tell me you’re not looking at that outlet without a cover! I don’t have little kids, so don’t turn my in for having an unsafe environment! I guess I need to put an outlet cover on my Lowe’s list. Somehow I never noticed it before right now.


  1. Hi, I'm dropping over from the weekly wrap up! I enjoyed reading about your week. Re: your uncovered things we notice when we see photos of our houses on our blogs. I did one once with a large splash on my wall..oops. ;).

  2. Is it a model of a cell? LOL Sounds like you're doing Apologia Anatomy. (We haven't done Anatomy yet, but friends have! We're finally doing Astronomy this year after doing Zoo I-III and Botany.) Hoppin' in from Kris's Weekly Wrap-up! Have a GREAT school week!

  3. I had o laugh at the outlet! Last year we found a few in the basement that were not covered when we began preparing for our homestudy. Now, with our update only a few weeks away I noticed another one.
    Fun mummy project!
    Be ca

  4. Looks like you have been busy having fun!

  5. Enjoyed reading about your week! You're right, meltdowns are going to happen, but they go away:) The bright side-right?! LOL:) Didn't even notice the outlet cover:)

  6. We love making then eating cells, and you must me the 5 person who I know mummified an apple this week

  7. It looks very similar to the edible cell my little guy made this summer. Very cool!!

  8. Yes, another laugh here about the outlet. It's amazing what we see when it's in photos. I remember taking a photo of a picture hanging on my wall- I'd looked at it many times. But in the photo there was huge cobweb hanging down from the ceiling! How had I not noticed? The light, I say ;)
    And aha! The open book tells me that Mary is right! It is a cell. Neat. Never thought of doing that. Hmmm will have to look that up now :)
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Definitely an edible cell! Congrats on your first full week and may you have a great year !

  10. Fun activities! Glad you had a good first week.

  11. I have no idea what he's eating, but it looks like you guys have a lot of fun at school!

  12. Sounds like you guys had a fabulous first week. Is that apple experiment from Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy? I am wanting to order that for us to begin. Dropping in from Weekly Wrap Up


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