Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our New Adventure

A thought just occurred to me…I haven’t been active in photography for several months. I used to spend a lot of time taking just the right picture for each challenge and so enjoyed looking through everyone’s inspiring shots, but something else has been taking my time now. I’ll be homeschooling Charlie this year and just now realized that I’ve been spending hours and hours researching curriculum choices and learning about homeschooling and not working on photos.
I kind of feel like homeschooling is right up my alley. Before the boys were born, I taught third grade and one of my favorite tasks associated with teaching was lesson planning and the organizing that went with it. The last ten years I have been at home I have had several part time teaching jobs all ages from preschool to adult education. In all of those I did a little bit of lesson planning, but no more than for a few hours of teaching a few days a week.
I’ll be listing Charlie’s curriculum in the next post, but for now, back to idea gathering and planning for our new adventure!


  1. That is really awesome. I thought about homeschooling Dustyn. It is just too much with everything going on with Carsyn.

  2. Ohhhh! LOVE your photo! White fluffy clouds and a beautiful blue sky...nothing better than that! You sound so excited about homeschooling - that's fantastic! Hope you guys have a wonderful school year! :-)


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