Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Project Pinterest: Gum Advent Calendar

Do you believe that it's December 1st already? It's hard to believe, isn't it?!

Every year we do some kind of Advent calendar with the boys. In more adventerous years, I've made bags with sayings and candy and strung them on yarn in the kitchen and did similar bags and attached them to a yardstick with clothespins. This year, I really wanted to get them the Star Wars Advent calendar, but sadly, didn't see that until yesterday (online) so it was too late.

A few days ago I saw this wonderfully thrifty Advent calendar on Pinterest and was delighted to find a wonderful blog called .

DSC0817 512x340 Advent Calendar   from two packs of gum

I love this simple idea of using gum (in lieu of the typical sugary chocoalte) to help count down the days until Christmas. Do check this blog out for other great Advent calender ideas as well!

So I we went to the Dollar Store and bought gum that punches out of the foil wrapper. I bought four packs of gum with 12 in each pack.

I wrote the numbers 1-24 on each piece of foil where the gum pops out.

I wrapped each box with Christmas wrapping paper, then taped the two boxes together.

I made a little tag in Word so the boys would know whose is whose and not fight over it every single morning.

I think they're adorable! It's not the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar that they wanted, but it is sure cute and will serve its purpose of counting down the days until Christmas!

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Sarah :)

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  1. I absolutely can NOT believe it's December already!!! That gum idea is genius and so easy!

  2. I meant to post this morning when I came over to check it out - hope your children loved it as much as mine did!! :)
    Here's to a month of gum chewing!!

  3. And I am sorry... I was logged in to google which is not connected to my current blog... just switched my log in info ;)

  4. I just saw this one today on Pinterest. I have gum on my list for the grocery store tomorrow. Perfect idea to wrap it up all Christmasy!

  5. Well I would love to be a part of Project Pinterest. I am just not sure if I am doing it correctly.


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