Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SC State Fair 2010

Our tradition is to take the boys out of school early on the first Friday of the fair.
The first line of business at the fair is food.
The boys hit the cotton candy first.
The way cotton candy is made is so cool!
I do not know this lady. You see all kind of people at the fair. Even people with outrageously long nails eating mustardy corn dogs.
Mini donuts, anyone? I. Could. Seriously. Eat. 47. Of. These. Donuts!
Milk and warm cookies warms my soul, and my tummy.
If there ever was a perfect picture to accurately assess my boys’ personalities, this is it.
This is one of the three swings that the boys rode time and time again.
This was the smallest of the swings.
These were the medium sized swings.
Of course we took time to people watch. It’s a hobby of ours.
Then there were several rounds of bumper cars. Whip lash anyone?
The boys got brave this year and rode a few different Ferris wheels.
The sky was amazingly clear. If I didn’t have such a weak stomach I would have enjoyed the pace of this ride.
This was a seriously big ride.
And yet another Ferris wheel.
The boys did not ride this ride. A bribe of a huge stuffed dog didn’t even phase them.
Dusk is approaching. This is another one of those scare the pants off you ride. Not for the boys. Not for me. Not for my husband. Not for us at all.
This was another one we viewed from afar. No crazy thrill seekers here.
Now it’s full-out dark out. And, so darn cool to see all of the lights at night. Cool, yet rather aggravating since 3/4 of us gets migraines and 1/4 of us has seizures. So, really, it wasn’t all that cool because my husband did get a bad migraine that night that lasted until the next night.
As tradition dictates, the last ride of the night is the sky lift ride from one end of the fair to the opposite end.
We LOVE the SC State Fair and can’t wait until next year! Might even need to hit it again this year. Just realized we missed all of the agricultural and art exhibits.
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  1. The fair is something I look forward to every year. I went as a child and now as a mother it means even more to me. This year Payton wasn't big enough to enjoy the rides but it was still so much fun. Love the lady with the long nails... so true how there are so many people at the fair. Very.interesting.people.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up. Hope you have a great rest of the week.

    xo, Supermom Alysha

  2. You mean my ramblings about flash doesn't EXCITE you!?? HA HA!!! :-) I had to laugh at that one - yeah, pretty boring huh? Too funny that our b-days are a day apart. I'm kinda feeling old this year - the big 36. Bleh!

    And as for your fair pics - AWESOME! I'm so jealous of your ferris wheel pics. You might not remember my whole ferris wheel picture fiasco this year. Basically didn't get the shots I wanted, the fair left town, major bummer, etc etc...

    Well, if you have trouble sleeping, you can always catch up on my flash post - hee hee! :-)

  3. You captured the fair so perfectly. Right down to the special lady with the nails. : ) those little donuts look so perfectly delicious. Now I feel hungry.

  4. I love the Ferris Wheel ...^^

  5. I so love your fair photos...you make me want to go back and eat more sweets! Love it.

  6. Love this photos, love the donuts, love the ferris wheel, love the cotton candy!

  7. visiting from Supermom's Wordish Weds.
    I love your photos of the fair...especially the food ones, oh yeah...yum! Donuts and cotton candy, what is there not to love?!


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