Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Have You Made Your Christmas Cards Yet?

Shutterfly is one of several sites that allows you to upload your photos and share them with friends and family and make numerous creations with those pictures.

Since 2003, I have made our annual calendar on Shutterfly.

It’s a riot to go back and look at these calendars and how much the boys have grown.

Their calendars are great, but what I really love about the site is that I am able to be transported back in time when looking at all the pictures and projects I have saved over the years on the site.

There are many options of Christmas cards to choose from.


How about one like this with one picture and a simple saying?



Or one like this with multiple pictures?



What about this one with a top 10 list? I think this might be the one I order this year.



Or what about making a calendar for the grandparents? I know that’s a gift they will always treasure!


I wouldn’t steer your wrong! Shutterfly has got some neat stuff! Go check it out now!


***All images here are courtesy of Shutterfly. By writing this post, I will get 50 free Christmas cards. Click here if you’d like 50 free cards too!***

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