Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DSLR or P&S?

About half of these shots were taken with my old point and shoot. Amazingly enough, I love some of these shots just as much as I love the shots with my DSLR. Can you tell which was shot with a P&S and which was shot with a DSLR?



  1. Wow, Sarah - these are ALL awesome pictures. I gotta say, that dog in the basket photo is freaking me out a little... the perspective is so... odd, or is it just me. The head looks huge & that basket so little to hold a "matching" body! LOL Thanks for sharing these. I can't tell which is which. Just love them all. ~Sally

  2. Oh, GOSH! I enjoyed every single photo...just beautiful! The flag shot really drew me in.

  3. My favorites are the second one and the ones with the clouds!!! Amazing!! and no, i can not tell which photos were taken with which camera!! such great shots!!!


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