Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who Wants a Boat? I Do! I Do!

I want a boat.
We enjoyed a spectacular day on the lake with friends to celebrate a seventh birthday.
I want a pontoon boat.
My camera is on its last leg thanks to a run-in with the cement, but here are a few shots of the fun day.
Did I mention I want a boat?

I really want a boat. It was so much fun and so pretty.


  1. Looks like a blast! P.S. I want a boat too. ;)

  2. Fun!! I haven't been to a lake in years! Thanks for visiting my blog-- I actually live in SC, too-- The pics from today's post were taken everywhere from the Asheville, NC area to Columbia, SC.

  3. Oh! That looks like it is so much fun! What a wonderful way to spend a Birthday : )

  4. I laughed so hard at your "other" blog come over here "immediately"! I wondered if you had to be surrounded by chemical imbalances, depression, and OCD to find it so funny! (; Now that I think of it...maybe I should have put this comment on the other blog! (: hehehe oh well! I don't really want a boat, but I would like my husband to take our boys fishing for the day on a boat...does that count? Your boys are adorable!


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