Monday, July 12, 2010

Help Please!

Upon closing in on this creature to capture its relative hugeness, I inadvertently ruined my camera. I’m a fraidey-cat that jumps at anything that startles me. This guy jumped out at me (he was at least seven inches long) and I threw my camera about 10 feet behind me on the pavement. I wanted a new camera, but didn’t quite picture going about it in this manner.
Here’s where you come in. What kind of camera do you have? Do you love it? Hate it? Want to recommend a specific brand? My days of point and shoot are done and it’s time for me to get a big girl camera!

Thanks for your help!


Sweet Shot Day


  1. WOWZA! Coolest shot ever! So sorry to hear about your camera mishap, but on the bright get a new one! I use the Canon 5D Mark II, and just traded up from a Canon Rebel XSI. Both are great cameras!

  2. Oops! That's a great picture though, even if he ruined your camera. I started out with a Rebel XTI and now use a Canon 40D. But I really want that 5D Mark 11.

  3. looks like i'm on team edwa... ooohh... i mean, nikon. ;o i have a d200 that's about 5 years old. i love it and still have much to learn on it. whichever brand you choose, remember that it's the lenses that matter.... in my opinion! :) gl

    ps: great shot!

  4. SC as in South Carolina? I'm a SC girl, too! Love the shot.


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