Friday, December 3, 2010

Grrrrrrr. Leave Me Alone!

See the dog with his teeth showing, like he’s all vicious and mean? That’s my dog, Jake. He’s anything but vicious and mean. He truly wouldn’t hurt a fly (he’ll catch them, but not eat them). He really, really likes to play with other dogs. The other dog is a puppy in a dog’s body and uses that paw to continually tap Jake on the head. Jake is showing him here that he’s about had it with that paw tapping stuff.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is to watch dogs play and how they communicate with each other. Fascinating stuff! If you have never done it, I implore you to go to a dog park and check it out!




  1. Dog are so funny - I wonder why so many of them catch and release flies?! My mom's dog does that, too.

  2. Ha, that is a great capture! I love how they can look so mean but would never hurt anything.

  3. WHat a capture - and I really like the whole composition and processing of the shot. Really interesting.

  4. ha, my lab was so sweet, she never would hurt a fly, but when a dog would try to hump her, she became a beast, LOL, she was just not having that! haha!

  5. Ahahaha, that is a great capture! I love when I get faces like that from my dog on camera!


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