Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. I am becoming a more patient waiter. I'm waiting right now in a waiting room. Wait. Wait. Wait. Doesn't that word seem weird when you say it over and over?

2. For the record, I think it's gross to not wash your hands after you use the restroom.

3. QWERTY keyboards on phones aren't that easy to type blog posts on, but I'm bored and it will have to do while I'm in the waiting room waiting.

4. Have you ever had the pleasure of having a tooth extracted? I did yesterday. Tooth number 14 is gone. I blame my incessant night time tooth grinding and Cap'n Crunch for its demise.

5. I stink at keeping up with family/friends that I don't live close to. To take it a step further, I stink at keeping in contact with friends/family I do live close to. It's one of my many character flaws. Sorry friends and family. :(

6. I love Tacos Bell's bean burritos.

7. Since we're talking about flaws, here's some more of mine to add to the list. I'm not a good housekeeper. I become a recluse when I'm feeling depressed. I get annoyed very easily. I avoid conflict. I hate doing laundry. I might be addicted to The Desperate Housewives of Atlanta (NY, NJ, etc.)

8. Now some good things. I'm never bored. I have a way of seeing both sides to every story. I can see the big picture. I have a deep faith in God.

9. Nine will have to be all there is today. My wait is coming to an end at this appointment!

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Sorry about the wait and the tooth. Not fun. #5? Yeah.


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