Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hugs From Henry–Love, Lucas

We got a special delivery yesterday! Henry arrived at our house! To learn more about Henry, click here. Charlie and Henry got familiar with each other in the van on our way to an appointment downtown.

Henry got to go to Sonic to get a bubble gum slushy. He wanted a sundae, but I said, “no”. Instead, he got his picture taken with a sundae.

We had some time to spare before the appointment. We decided to go to Finlay Park to have Henry’s picture taken with the cool fountain there. First, we had to put some money in the meter.
parking meter

Wouldn’t you know it, the fountain was turned off. But Henry didn’t mind. I caught him climbing a tree with Columbia in the background and snapped a picture of him.

He sure likes to climb. I told him to be careful climbing up this rock wall, and he listened very well. He stopped to take a break and pose.

After the park and appointment, we walked to a cool church downtown where I took a shot of Ryan a few months ago and loved it. Henry obliged and was willing to pose there as well.

Henry asked if he could take a little break. Since he got here he’s been one busy sock monkey!

When we got home, he played some peek-a-boo. Boy, did he think he was funny!

One last activity he wanted to do was swing upside down in the trees. I think Henry really enjoyed his time with us here!
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  1. These are awesome - looks like you had a great time with Henry. Glad that life is treating him so well!

  2. LOL! You got Henry!!! Your shots crack me up - I love it! Yep, looks like Henry had quite the busy day. :-)
    You're not going to believe me, but you seriously popped into my head this morning. I thought I need to pop over and say hi...and then of course I got distracted and didn't make it. Things are crazy around here as usual. It was great to hear from you - it put a big smile on my face! XOXO

  3. oh my goodness!! These are SO SO SO cute!!! :) LOVE them.

  4. Love these too! gooooo Henry!

  5. Ohhhh Henry you look like you have had a blast! Great Photos!

  6. I love these! Especially the one of him on the meter, great color! Thank you so much!

  7. LOL! I love the poses you got Henry to do! =)

  8. This post is hilarious! What a fun idea!

  9. These pictures are fantastic!! I especially love the wide shot of Henry on the stairs.

  10. A great adventure for Henry. Fun places you took him and letting him monkey around too!

  11. wonderful shots!! looks like henry had a blast ;)

  12. How fun! I missed these. Great photos.


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