Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finlay and Virginia Hylton Parks

Raise your hand if you're tired of having AS! If you could see me through your computer screen, you'd see both of my hands up! These past two weeks have been difficult with pain, fevers and fatigue. Despite how I feel about the chronic disease that has turned my life upside down, I'm doing all I can to live the most normal life that is possible for me, and that means going out and doing a few things on the weekend.

On Friday afternoon, Ryan and I went to Finlay park to pick up Chloe. What a pretty place to go! That park always makes me smile. Between the babbling fountain and multiple climing appartuses for the kiddos, there is always something new to behold.

Saturday afternoon we attended a baby shower for a couple from my mom's church who are adopting a little girl from China. It was at Virgina Hylton park which is beautiful every season of the year.

Look at this view of downtown Columbia!

Makes me think that, just for a minute, I'm in Hawaii.

There are so many neat views of the fountain. Here's one south of the fountain.

Ryan enjoys climbing anything and everything that is vertical.

Chloe was so thirsty at the end of our training that she was pilfering the city water.

We were all amazed at the beautiful caterpillar Charlie found.
God created unbelievable colors!

Spring at Virginia Hylton means the azaleas are in full bloom!

Betcha can't be in awe of the colors in this picture.

Now the weekend is over and we'll be back to the grindstone tomorrow.


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  1. That entire park seems awesome, but I can't get over the fountain - fantastic!


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