Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Three Things Thursday - Week 1 - Spring

I'm cheating. I'm doing Three Things Thursday on Wednesday. This is the first week of TTT (Three Things Thursday) so I wanted to get a head start and provide a good example.

This first week's theme is spring pictures and/or memories.

Like most everyone else, I LOVE spring! Renewal, hope and new life are a few of the things that instantly come to mind when I think about this season.

My gut told me to include the gorgeous blossoming flower pictures I've taken this spring, but I'm going against my gut this time.

Ahhh! Freshly mowed grass is certainly a sign of spring that can't be ignored.

Nothing says spring to me like dirty, muddy, wet, stinky, happy boys.

Since I live in the number one peach-producing state of South Carolina, I must include a beautiful peach blossoms picture.

What's on your list for Three Things Thursday?

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