Monday, May 10, 2010

I Heart Faces - Week 19 – Celebrating Mom

This picture of my son and me just makes me smile. I love how he’s leaning into me and has his arms wrapped around me. I don’t get a ton of  lovies like this from him so I love every second that I do!


I hope that all moms out there had an excellent day!
Thanks for looking!
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  1. Lovely. LiveWriter is great, you will love it. I just tried it out on my blog too.

    You can check it out at

    Hope you are having a lovely day.

    K xx

  2. I love live writer :)
    Upload the logo to I Heart Faces as a picture and then link to it. Does that make sense?
    Awesome picture. Very sweet moment.

  3. Very sweet picture and great capture. Love those hugs :)

  4. They grow too fast, don't they? Soon you may have to bribe them to give you a hug, so treasure every one as if it were your last!

  5. Love this moment. Great sunflare!

  6. What a great, raw moment you captured!


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