Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday - Weeds Can Be Beautiful!

Kurt has been working even more than normal. Our yard is suffering dearly. There are many weeds. I decided to get down on the ground to look at some of them close-up and noticed that even weeds can be quite beautiful. For instance, this weed is compromised of my two favorite colors of all time: purple and green.

Look closely. Isn't that just amazing how the leaves are outlined in purple? God has given us such awe-inspiring gifts!

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Sweet Shot Day

Thanks for looking!


  1. If you glance quickly it looks like pretty greenery : )
    Do you want to link up to Communal Global today too? We would love to have you : )!

  2. Yes, it is quite beautiful... I have always wondered who decided that a weed was a weed and not a pretty plant? Thanks for sharing.

    And, your banner is gorgeous!

  3. That's very pretty! No flower needed.


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