Monday, December 12, 2011

Guessing Game!

Can you guess what event happened to make these boys crack up like this?

I’ll give you some clues.

 Clue #1 -  It’s a very typical thing for 10 and 11-year-old boys to laugh at.

laughing football boys 2

Sweet Shot Day

Clue # 2 -  They were all glad it didn’t happen to them.

laughing football boys 3


Clue # 3 -  They’re playing flag football, ya know, where you have to pull the flags off of their belt on their waist. I think you must’ve guessed it correctly by now!

laughing football boys 1

The answer: A boy on the other team had his pants pulled down below his butt by a flag-pulling go-getter. I was so happy to have my new lens to be able to capture their reactions!



  1. Omgosh... That's hilarious!!


  2. OH! MAN!!!! I don't know what to say but, as we say in South Carolina ~ "Bless his heart". . .;) LOL!!!! anyway ~ Great captures! Your photography is awesome.

  3. HEHE, thats great, poor kid though....think he will start wearing a belt?

  4. ha! that would be a risk in flag football! Great capture!

  5. Well caught! Loud, spontaneous laughter, such "fun".

  6. your blog is so cute! Just found you! :)


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