Monday, January 23, 2012

I Need Help in Lightroom 3!

Hello! I'm experiencing computer difficulties at the moment. Well, not really difficulties, but, shall we say, adjustment problems. We got a new computer a few weeks ago in prepartion of the laptop dying. I needed photoediting software on the new computer so I've installed a 30-day trial of Lightroom 3 to see if like that or want to stick with PSE. I think I will grow to completely love LR3, but right now I'm just confused! I can't find the "undo" button and can only undo something under "Edit". That's too much work for these arthritic hands! Do you have a tutorial your can recommend to me to start learning this new program quickly?

Another problem I'm having is that I messed up the laptop somehow and cannot get anything to download and if I accidently forget to now download anything (like a pdf from a site or something like that), then I can't open up any other programs or tabs online. Drives me nuts! Not sure what to do about it either. It's not a virus (not one that can be detected anyway) and I've tried to fix it via internet options in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, but to no avail. Frustrating!!!!

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A very frustrated mom,

P.S. I'm also having bad luck with that picture up there. I can't get it to resize. Goodnight.


  1. oh - so sorry you are frustrated. That sounds maddening. Wish I could help - but I use PSE!

  2. When you are in the develop mode in Lightroom 3 the left column has 3 options you can view or collapse by clicking the little arrow/triangle. The first is presets, then snapshots, then history. (actually and then collections after at which I dont really use.) Expand your history tab and it'll give you a list of everything you do as you do it, so you can easily click back to any step of your editing progress. Also as you go through all your sliders to adjust exposure, temperature, tint, etc you can easily reset each slider to their original position by double clicking the word exposure, temperature, tint, etc. If you want to start completely over there's a reset button in the bottom right of the screen. Hope this helps a bit! Lightroom definitely takes some getting used to after knowing Photoshop, but now I dont think I could work without it, especially for RAW pictures. Thanks for linking up to Tips & Pics!


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