Monday, October 10, 2011

How a Mom with ADD Makes Lunch

This is how a mom with ADD makes lunch.
She tells her children to go play on the trampoline so she can fix lunch.
She walks to the fridge and notices a dirty drawer.
She takes everything out of that draw and needs some cleaner so she goes to the laundry room to get it.
She notices laundry needs to be washed, so she puts in a load of laundry and grabs the cleaner and goes back to the dirty drawer.
She cleans and organizes the dirty drawer.
She wanders back to the fridge to figure out what to make the children for lunch.
She sees some cheese that was in the dirty drawer and decides lunch will consist of grilled cheese sandwiches, grapes and pretzels.
She places the pan on the stove and butters the bread.
She realizes that she wants salmon cakes instead.
She whips those up as the pan heats up.
She, wait, what was she doing? She hears music….and she starts to dance.
The children come back in the house ready for lunch but nothing is ready yet and they only see their mom shakin’ her booty in the corner.
***Basically, this same scenario, with many different variables, plays out in my life daily. Guess it’s nice to be able to do several different things at once, but I would really just like to be able to do one thing at a time sometimes!***
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  1. Beautiful image!!!!! This post just made me smile.

  2. This helps me understand my ADD teen son's mind just a bit! :) Thanks for the cute post. It made me giggle!

  3. Such a great photos. I thought this was cute. :) I am sure it is hard for you though.

  4. Great photo! (=

    Im your newest follower from the Blog Hop and would love a follow back

  5. I can so relate to this!! It would be so nice to completely finish just one thing!


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