Monday, October 3, 2011

Stepping Out {of your comfort zone}

Katie from Katie Lloyd Photography challenged us to go out of our comfort zone. She said this would be really easy or really hard. I love stepping out of my comfort zone to create artistic shots. I immediately thought of this particular picture to share.
I, in no way, consider myself an expert, barely even knowledgeable at times, in the technical aspects of photography. What I do think I am good at is the creative side of photography.
These two shots were taken at the same time by two different photographers. (Hint…one was me, one wasn’t.)
Knowing how important their home is to them, I wanted to showcase the home in the shot too.
Did I get weird looks from passengers in passing cars and walkers while I was lying stomach down on the grass? Yes, I did.
Was it worth it to get such a cool shot? Yes, it was!



  1. Awesome job Sarah!! I love that you got their house in the shot I love the color of it! Thanks for linking up today!! :)

  2. Perfect illustration! That is a gorgeous home, completely worthy of your bowing down to it. I am sure they LOVE that photo.


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