Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. We have been waiting since fall of ‘09 for a new Publix to be built about two miles away from our house. It opened last week and it’s magnificent! The produce! Oh, the produce!
2. I will never,ever make fried chicken again, not that I make it a lot, but once is enough to know it’s too much. I tried out PW’s fried chicken recipe and it’s just too much work and now that we have a Publix, ixnay on the fried chicken making.
3. My husband missed his calling. He should be a professional mover. Three armoires needed to be moved. The armoire in the kitchen needed to be moved to the living room. The living room armoire needed to be moved the our bedroom. The armoire in the bedroom needed to be moved into our bathroom. (Forgot about the baker’s rack. I could move that by myself though.) I’ve seen him move a whole couch all by himself up a stairwell. I’ve seen him move a heavy, heavy armoire up a flight of stairs by himself. Seriously, he awes me with what he can move by himself.

4. Because of the snow and ice, the boys had a total of 10 days off. They went back to school today! Concentrate really hard. Can you see me doing the happy dance?
5. One of our favorite places to go is Seagrove Beach on the Emerald Coast (panhandle) of Fl. A lot of families like the hustle and bustle of Disney vacations, but we love to just hang out on the beautiful white sand beaches and clear water. Found out today that a new flight has been added from here to there for $49 one way!

6. We had a great trip to the zoo on Friday.

7. When Ryan was four he played soccer. Well, he didn’t really “play soccer”, he stood in the middle of the field and picked his lip and let the ball hit him and people run all around him. Three years later, he’s up for it again. This time, I know he will love it and I’m so excited for the person he’s growing in to.
8. Like a lot of other bloggers out there, recently I’ve been experimenting with water drops and water and oil. Some of the shots I’ve seen are just amazing. Mine are not (yet!) but I’ll keep practicing!

9. My computer is running so slowly. I’ve done all the regular steps to see if they remedy it, but nothing has yet. It's pretty annoying!
10. This picture makes me happy.

Have a happy rest of the week!


  1. Great photos! I especially like the gorilla - what a fun capture! Publix rocks and I do love their fried chicken.... :)

  2. Great zoo shots!! And water drops too! Happy week to you!

  3. I was SO ready for my kids to go back to school! We live in Boiling Springs and got a lot of ice!

  4. the ape photo made me laugh, and I really like the pinkish drop photo!

    Oh, and I loved the croc photo

  5. Wow what a great snake photo! Especially given (I assume) that it was taken through glass!

  6. Wonderful photos. Love the Gorilla photo. I think your oil photos look great.

  7. I love the zoo shots especially the gorilla and the penguins. Your oil and water photos are neat. The last one is my favorite.


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