Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


I have a confession.

EVERY single one of these pictures is from the archives. This is the first week in a LONG time that I’ve barely picked up my camera. My guess would be that I spent most of the week recuperating from the boys unexpected 10 days off from school.

Lame excuse?

Yes, but that’s all I could come up with right now!

Even though they’re not new, there are some fun pictures in here.



This was taken at the State Capital when there was a session going on.

This was with my old point and shoot camera, but I still love this shot.




Again, taken with the old P&S, but still like the composition.




This was from our trip to FL last year. We were on a deep sea fishing trip and felt like death might be a better option than dealing with the sea sickness.




I have this picture framed in my kitchen. It’s another P&S shot but I just adore it.




Again, a P&S shot, but how cool is that bird and fish?



  1. I love how vibrant the red door is in your doorway shot.

  2. These are really great - I especially love the doorway shot. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Great photos! I love the bikes and the doors. Glad you participated even though you haven't felt like picking up a camera.

  4. OH my goodness... WOW!! I love them all... the hawk/eagle with the fish is SO incredible to even see much less capture on film!! er... SD card! ha ha! Love the bicycles and the door!! I totally forgot door... so I cheated a little! =)

  5. Really love the angle of your doorway shot

  6. ok, ten (unexpected) days off from school with two boys is NOT a lame excuse! How are you still standing? These are all great shots, I especially love the doorway one.

    I once went on a whale watching trip, not knowing that I get seasick, and I also felt like death might be a better option. Wow, it sucked.

    Hope everyone in your household is having a better day today!

  7. I have a similar picture of the red doors at the riverfront park. Love red doors.

  8. Great shots! I really like your memories and silhouette photos.

  9. That shot with the bird and the fish is awesome - I would love to have captured that or even witnessed it myself!

    Oh I felt for you when I saw that reflection shot - sea sickness is such a dreadful thing but that silver shot is sooooooo good. My kids never left their bikes tidy like that on the walkway.

  10. Great shots all around but when I got to that bird and fish...OH MY WORD! What a great capture.

  11. I've totally had weeks like that. I love the doorway shot and the birh with the fish is so cool!

  12. ALL great shots! LOVE your doorway, and your silver shot. That bird/fish shot is an incrediable capture!

  13. These are all great. I really love your door and silhouette photos.

  14. Great shots - just shows you what you can achieve with your P&S!

  15. Actual lobbiests-shmooozing away-schmoozing away likely our money. I love the angle on that. The doorway is such a pretty shot. Hope your boys are back to school this week. Sometimes I miss my P and S. They do take great photos.

  16. these are wonderful, that doorway shot is fantastic.

  17. P&S's are perfectly capable of taking awesome shots...just like the ones you have here! :) That last one is amazing! And I had to laugh at the "actual lobbyists"! Oh, and the door shot is awesome, too!


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