Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ducks Save the Day!

Sometimes, I just need a break from my children. Of course I love them, but liking them? Sometimes, not so much lately. Yesterday I had to get out of the house to “escape” from them for a bit.

I moseyed on over to our neighborhood pond with my camera and was met by the resident ducks. They instantly put a smile on my face.

The dark one must be the leader. “Come on over guys! Sarah’s here!”


“Come on a little closer. This lady likes to take pictures of us.”




“Alright. Let’s head on back. She’s feeling calmer now and can head back to her family. Ducks, we’ve done our job!”


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Happy Friday ya’ll!



  1. Now why is there nothing gorgeous like that around here?! Absolutely beautiful shots! Well, I have bird phobia (yes, really), but I LOVE the scenic shots! :-) Happy Friday to you too! ♥

  2. Such a pretty place....I love to feed ducks:).

    sandy toe

  3. : ) Kaish and I LOVED to go and feed the ducks when he was little. I miss those days.

  4. These are great! I love the reflection of the trees on the water and the one where all the ducks are facing you.

  5. Those are all great shots!!

    ...there must be something going on right now, cause I've been having those days with my kids lately, too!

  6. Aww how neat! I love photographing animals in nature ;) and we all need a little break sometime or else we'd be bald from pulling our hair out! LOL! ;)

  7. Gorgeous photos. Glad you were able to relax a little. I love the reflection photos.

  8. They are a hoot...and I love the reflection in the water!

    So glad that Stanly made it home. :)

  9. "Sometimes, I just need a break from my children. Of course I love them, but liking them? Sometimes, not so much lately."

    Amen and amen!

    Love how you captured those duckie personalities in your pictures!

  10. Happy Friday! That was an adorable little photo shoot!

  11. What a great place and great photos. I love ducks. We all need breaks :) I am glad you got one :)

  12. That's a good variety of ducks you have there. They're so cute!

  13. I love these photos! Thanks for sharing your "escape!"

  14. What gorgeous photos - and such lovely ducks to help you out like that :-)

  15. Those ducks are great! We live on a lake and have them and geese all the time to watch. It is calming :)

  16. love your shots here, sometimes it is so good to get out of the house with camera in hand.

  17. We visit a park that has ducks and they always come running, looking for bread! Great shots you got, I especially like the reflections.


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