Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. I mentioned on a few different posts that I won a giveaway from StrawBerry Cake’s Sheila. Can you imagine my excitement? This adorable Christmas apron is “cute enough to wear as a skirt” according to Charlie. It really is so cute!
2. The second part of the giveaway was a signed cookbook from The Pioneer Woman! I’ve been a huge fan of hers for about a year now. Her stories of Charlie make my day. Her writing voice is so uniquely hers that I feel like we’re best buds. Yeah, I know. She’s best buds with me and about a million other people!
3. My son Charlie was named after my childhood basset hound named Charlie. I think that’s part of the reason I love Ree so much.
4. Dina from 4 Lettre Words had Charlie’s Flat Stanley. She and her boys took great care of him and showed him the sights where they live. I’m very grateful for the friends I’ve me in the bloggerland!
5. I never get bored. Never have, can’t imagine that I ever will. Sometimes the boys get bored easily and it drives me nuts.
6. One snow day is fun. Two snow days in a row isn’t fun. See #5 for my reasoning. Here’s a picture of Ryan all geared up to go play in the snow the first snow day. He’s wearing his dad’s old ski mask from back in the MN days where one actually did need a ski mask to stay warm outside.
7. Because of #5, we got Netflix on the Wii today. We haven’t had Netflix for over a year, but today I renewed our subscription and finally set it up on the Wii. So far we’ve watched some of America’s Funniest Animals (that show makes me crack up!), Stomp, Stuart Little and little snippets of lots of other movies/shows.
8. This is a pretty picture with a sun flare that I took a few days ago. The clouds were just bizarre that day.
9. The boys have some of Kurt’s old Star Wars toys. They get a kick out of them and I like taking pictures of them.
         Here’s R2-D2 before.                                                  Here’s R2-D2 after his 70s makeover.
DSC_0030               2
What a difference, huh?
10. We have no groceries. I think we’re having canned green beans, saltine crackers, cream of mushroom soup and maybe a popsicle or two. I need, need, need to get to the grocery store.
Have a wonderful week ya’ll!


  1. What a fun post!! Congrats on the wins! Beautiful pictures! And I once had my nephews flat stanley...That was too fun! :)

  2. You mean you didn't get milk and bread before the big "blizzard"? Ha!

    I have that cookbook , but Ree didn't come close enough for me to get it signed. Are you going to buy her Charlie book now?

    My youngest loves Star Wars. His brother just loaded his new MP3 with Weird Al songs about Yoda and Luke, I think? Anyway that's what he's doing now. Snow days are good for listening to music.

  3. Great photos. I love that sun flare. I love Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Awesome that she signed it to you for the giveaway.

  4. What a fun post, Sarah! (We are all very much over the snow (AND ICE!) here in GA.) Those are some great wins, for sure.

  5. Sarah!!! Great blog! I always feel like there are so many awesome blogs and too little time! Thanks for the link sweet friend ; D Have a great week and enjoy your cookbook!


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