Friday, March 19, 2010

Fill-in-the-Blank Friday

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1. Today I am wearing black capris, a green t-shirt and flip-flops.

2. My favorite childhood food was Velveeta cheese and my favorite food now, there's too much to answer with a short answer. I like most any food except McDonald's food.

3. A day that I am too busy to sit on the floor and talk to the boys and pet the dogs is a day that I am too busy.

4. The last movie I saw was Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the next movie I want to see is New Moon. Go Team Edward!

5. My favorite smell is fried chicken because it reminds me of a warm summer day at the park.

6. A weird little quirk I have is that I can't tolerate more than one sound at a the tv on and the radio on is pure hell for me!

7. When I take personality quizzes they always say I'm an introvert and a kind person.


  1. I had to laugh at the contradiction in the movies! 'The Little Mermaid' was my kidlets' selection tonight and yes, as much as I fought jumping on, I've landed on the Twilight train....and as surprised as I am, I'm enjoying the ride! :>

  2. It IS a good ride! I'm going to check out your blog right now Karen. Thanks for stopping by!


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